Hardware Red Teaming

Red Teaming is a compliance process where experts are called in to simulate attacks and discover vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyber threat actors. In microelectronics devices, the most effective time to identify these weaknesses are during the design stages rather than after the part has gone to fabrication.

Traditional hardware development prioritizes factors like cost, personnel, time and functionality. Typically security takes a backseat, resulting in potentially disruptive recalls or loss of trust when these vulnerabilities get exploited or make it onto the news.

Hardware red teaming is required because vulnerability discovery methods are not sufficient to completely assure a design. Chip Scan can provide a real-world analysis and report on whether your design contains vulnerabilities. We can also help remediate these vulnerabilities to help secure your design before they're exploited by cyber threat actors.

What is Hardware Red Teaming?

Are you concerned about the security of your digital microelectronics? Our hardware red teaming service provides a comprehensive security assessment to identify and evaluate potential vulnerabilities in your systems, products, and processes. With a team of experts using the latest techniques and tools, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of protection for your critical assets.

Why do you need Hardware Red Teaming from Chip Scan?

Unlike software systems, hardware microelectronics are often a one-way trip to the field. Any vulnerability baked into the part can not be undone easily, and can have serious consequences, including loss of life, injury, or significant financial or brand damage.

Chip Scan offers a rigorous and systemic approach to identifying potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your hardware design using our ESPY technology. ESPY is the same technology accredited for use on DoD mission-critical systems.

Identifying Vulnerabilities

Chip Scan offers continuous assurance appliances for hardware design teams. But for those times when your safety critical product requires an additional degree of expertise, Chip Scan can be there for you. We can use our advanced tools and expertise to identify vulnerabilities.

Actionable Recommendations

Vulnerabilities can be graded into different degrees of risk. Once we report on what we've found, we can arrive at actionable recommendations on whether some or all vulnerabilities need to be addressed.

DoD-Grade Security

Chip Scan's ESPY capability is approved for use in DoD Trusted Flow to protect some of our nation's most sensitive microelectronics. We can offer very similar technologies to help secure your products.

How does Hardware Red Teaming work?


Define the scope of the red teaming activity, identify the assets to be tested, and select the right tools and techniques to be used.

Chip Scan's experts identify hardware vulnerabilities.

Chip Scan provides a comprehensive report that highlights the findings and recommendations for improvement.

Level up your security today

Elevate the security of your digital microelectronics with our comprehensive red teaming services. Contact us today to learn how our team of experts can identify and evaluate potential vulnerabilities in your systems and help improve your security posture

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