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Quantified Assurance

Imagine a world where your hardware supply chain is entirely secure, every component that makes up your devices is trusted and verified, and insider threats, compromised tools, and third-party inclusions are no longer a concern. At Chip Scan, we are turning that goal into a reality.

Our mission is simple: to deliver trust and assurance to our customers. Our cutting-edge cybersecurity tools and expertise is leading the way against a rapidly evolving threat landscape affecting the global hardware supply chain.

Join us in our mission to make the world safe from the Hardware-up.

Zero Trust for Hardware

Chip Scan provides the tools necessary to implement robust Zero Trust for Microelectronics. Our tools allow you to verify and vet designs, and then trust them, thus laying a solid foundation for building trusted and assured systems.
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Third-party IPs and insiders can compromise your hardware design. Our ESPY hardware appliance provides continuous assurance against these threats, and satisfies the stringent requirements specified by the DoD for microelectronics assurance, and the NSA's guidelines for FPGA assurance.
Many operational technologies (OT)  remain undefended against modern cyber threats. Chip Scan's YOLO provides Zero Trust, lightweight, cyber security software to prevent data breaches and cyber vandalism against OT systems. YOLO denies attackers from persisting their effects and offers a simple and elegant way to integrate OT systems into IT protection schemes.
When legacy microelectronics are no longer manufactured, there is a risk that replacement chips may be subject to nation-state tampering. Our Deep Lift technology allows legacy FPGA/ASIC designs to be fully modernized and hardened against vulnerabilities.

Empowering you through trustworthy  engineering services

Let us meet all your hardware assurance and compliance goals.
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DMEA Accredited Trusted Supplier

The Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) sets stringent standards to protect our nation's most critical defense systems from the risk of counterfeit and compromised products, and to avoid the catastrophic consequences of such microelectronic components. Trusted Suppliers, such as Chip Scan, are accredited to meet these high standards for government and commercial customers.

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